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Smash through revenue barriers

with a competitive advantage that magnetically attracts ideal customers
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Are you ready to accelerate your business growth?


Brand X-Factor
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Brand X-Factor Workshop + Accelerator

You don’t have to do it alone! Join the LIVE workshop and get in the 5-day Accelerator.


Brand X-Factor Workshop + Accelerator + VIP Experience

You want it all!

Join the LIVE workshop and the 5-day Accelerator, plus a 1:1 strategy session with our team of brand and marketing experts.

You’re looking for how to grow your business to the next level

You want the thing that big brands are paying hundreds of thousands for

Your competition is fierce. Every day your business has to have the guts to stand up to the “big brand” messages clamoring for the attention of your prospects and customer base.

You’re ready to stop playing the price war and start getting hyper-focused
Playing the price game will kill your business. You need a strategic move to shift your sales team from desperate to in-demand.
You’re willing to take a chance and kick the status quo to the curb
Now is the time to give your business the competitive advantage it needs to unapologetically offer top-notch programs, products, and services.

Bottom Line

Great brands don’t happen by accident –
they are run by growth-focused leaders
who do things on purpose!
Don’t be a statistic:

20% of new businesses fail during the first two years and 45% close during the first five years

Do you have a plan for how to set your company apart from your competition?

We’ve got a knockout, ACTIONABLE strategy for your business.
And the best part is we are going to work through it together with you!

Here’s the deal with marketing your business in 2022.

You have got to find ways to smash through revenue barriers with a competitive advantage that magnetically attracts ideal customers.
and attract new customers with strategic distinction
of old patterns with paradigm-shifting innovation
the competition with mind-blowing customer experiences
… and that’s where the Brand X-Factor Workshop + Accelerator comes in!
When you discover your Brand Differentiator, your business will be boldly positioned in your industry and clearly different from its competitors. Your X-Factor is the greatest way to grow customer loyalty and turn first-time buyers immediately into raving fans.

We’ll show you how to get your buyers to drink the kool-aid… and keep coming back for more

The X-Factor

The Brand X-Factor is an ACTION-PACKED strategy that works for growth-focused companies.
We designed the Workshop + Accelerator to give you the tools, strategy, and implementation support to get it done and in motion. So, you gotta do the work and make the hard decisions to own your greatness.
The X-Factor Blueprint

Step 1

Determine how you are you better than the industry status quo

Step 2

Delineate how you do business differently from your competitors

Step 3

Delve into what makes your company culture special

Step 4

Decide what you can implement consistently

Step 5

Dare to be innovative

We’ll say it louder for the people in the back

Companies die out every day because they lack the right plan, support, and resources to differentiate from their competitors.

More Customers

I believe our Brand X-Factor will take us to the next level. Our company now has a wow factor!


More Sales

We had been struggling with feeling lost in our industry and now our Brand X-Factor makes us uniquely distinct.


More Business

The Brand X-Factor was more in-depth than I expected. It was very exciting to see it all come together!


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Brand X-Factor Workshop + Accelerator
March 7th – 11th
Helping You Knockout the competition and
WIN more business
Smash through revenue barriers with a competitive advantage that magnetically attracts ideal customers

Get it all today for more than 80% off! This is a limited-time offer.

Get it all today for more than 80% off! This is a limited-time offer.

Total Value: $2,632

Business owners just like you are crushing it with their Brand X-Factor

Great brands don’t happen by accident – they are run by growth-focused leaders who do things on purpose! We double-dog-dare-your team to find your X-Factor and do business just a little different, unexpected, or dare we say, extraordinary and watch how you will blow your customer’s minds.

Smash the status quo

Stop playing the price war

Innovate in your industry

Create raving fan customers

The Brand X-Factor is a Great Team Experience

Business owners love doing the Brand X-Factor Workshop with their managers and teams. The workshop and Accelerator sessions run less than an hour, perfectly designed to do in a staff meeting or over a working lunch. [join LIVE or view the recorded sessions]

Meet the X-Factor Team

Selah Hirsch

Brand Strategist
Express My Brand

Selah works with companies, nonprofits, and personal brands to strengthen the way they talk about what they do, how they do it, and why it matters through high-impact brand development.

She brings tons of high energy and passion for smashing through the generic and helping business owners build better, bolder brands!

“Selah and Keagan helped our team to develop how we want our brand to be presented within our company. They pulled a lot of information out of us that we otherwise wouldn’t have realized. The momentum of our brand is setting us up for further success in the future. The entire experience was top-notch!”

-Blair Byrket –

Work First Casualty Company

Keagan Henson

Marketing Ninja & Owner HITE Digital, Oklahoma City

Keagan works with growth-focused leaders to achieve their goals with industry-leading brand development, web design, sales automation, and digital marketing services.

His magic powers are dreaming BIG, idea generation, and creating remarkable customer experiences.

“There are times in the life of a business that can define its future and the impact it ultimately has. Keagan and Selah, and their teams, took the time to learn what we care about, what we believe, and who we are in order to take action and develop our brand. It takes that kind of diligence to truly help a team and they accomplished it beyond expectation.”

– Ty Bongiovanni –

President of the Nesso Group

Vanilla is only good at the bottom of a melted ice cream sundae. You want your business to pack a punch.

Don’t be afraid to innovate, discover your Brand X-Factor, and level up your business

Are you ready to elevate your brand and knock out the competition?

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